Dymatize - Perfecting Athletic Nutrition™

Since its founding in 1994 in the United States, Dymatize has been committed to providing athletes with the most innovative and effective sports nutrition products available on the market. With science as the backbone of every product, Dymatize works with scientists from around the world to ensure that products support your fitness goals without compromising safety. Dymatize manufactures all products in Good Manufacturing Practices certified facilities and ensures that only high quality ingredients are used. All protein powders are Informed-Choice certified and tested to ensure they are free of banned substances.

To meet this challenge, we are 100% committed to developing sports nutrition products that are masterfully formulated, manufactured with only the highest quality ingredients and that deliver an increasing variety of flavors and functionality.

We strive for perfect products, we strive to set the standard higher and we continually build on our high standards to get as close as we can to perfection.

Specialists in sports nutrition, which strengthen, build and recover muscles

No one can be the best at everything, that's why we specialize in high-quality and science-backed sports nutrition products, which focus on muscle strength and recovery.

High quality ingredients. Science-backed formulas. Award-winning flavors.

Because you become what you eat.

Strict tests

Our intentions are as pure as our formulas. That means no banned substances. No unnecessary ingredients. And no mislabeling. Never.

Continuous research

As a category leader, we have invested millions in our people and our products. The proof is in our protein - and like you, we're only getting better.

For over 25 years we have asked ourselves, why not? Five innovative flavor partnerships, two award-winning flavors and endless wins later, we can't wait to answer, what's next?

Dymatize - Perfecting Athletic Nutrition™