Electrolytes - why do I need them?

75% of all people are chronically dehydrated.

These are the symptoms of dehydration:

* Dry mouth

* Headache

* Muscle aches & pain

* Muscle cramps

* Exhaustion

These are the most common causes of dehydration:

* Heat

* Altitudes, stay at altitude, a mountain trip, etc

* Exercise

* Alcohol

* Travels

* Cold weather

* Yoga

* Sleep

What role do electrolytes, minerals and vitamins play in fluid balance?

Sweat primarily consists of water, but it also contains electrolytes, which have important roles in the body. Sodium and chloride are the most abundant electrolytes in sweat with potassium, magnesium and calcium present in lower amounts.

When it comes to water-soluble vitamins, sweat is a threat. During an intense workout, B vitamins, vitamin C and important minerals leave the body with the sweat. As athletes, this is of particular concern due to the importance of these vitamins in our energy production, waste removal, muscle growth and recovery after exercise.

HALO Hydration creates the balance and adds:

The body needs vitamins to function at its peak. HALO contains vitamins B and C to keep the immune system strong and energy levels high.

Trace minerals are essential for the body's health. HALO supplies a full spectrum of ionic trace minerals, made by mother nature herself.

Electrolytes are essential for keeping you hydrated and regulating your body's pH levels. We source our electrolytes from natural sources in the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

A portion of HALO contains only 1 g of natural cane sugar, 15 calories and no artificial sweeteners. 1g of sugar is all your body needs to absorb the electrolytes it needs. There is no need for extra added sugar, as is the case in other products on the market.

What are the benefits of having a correct fluid balance?

It sounds simple, the more body fluids you lose (like sweat), the more your performance drops. But did you know that maintaining proper electrolyte balance while exercising is not only essential to preventing injury and illness, but can also enhance performance? When our electrolytes are out of balance, neurological function is compromised. Nerves and muscles operate via electrical impulses activated by electrolytes in and around the cells. Muscle contractions require the presence of sufficient sodium, potassium and calcium. If these electrolytes are not available in sufficient amounts, muscle weakness or cramps may occur. Water alone will not protect against electrolyte imbalance. In fact, rehydration alone can dilute electrolytes in the body and lead to hyponatremia – a fancy word for dehydration. Adding HALO to the water improves fluid absorption and promotes rapid rehydration, optimizing overall performance.

Electrolyte balance is critical when training in higher temperatures. As the temperature rises, the body works harder to cool down, producing excess sweat and fluid loss. Usually, we sweat much more than we are able to replace with water intake. Adequate fluid intake is important to prevent the body from overheating. We've always known that HALO was the coolest electrolyte powder out there, but it'll also keep you cool, literally.

It is not only your body that is sensitive to fluctuations in fluid balance. Studies show that fluid balance affects visual attention, cognitive abilities and mood. Subjects report feeling more calm and alert immediately after correcting fluid balance.

Vitamin C and zinc are essential for health by interacting with the immune system, supporting immune response and providing antioxidant protection. Electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium have both direct and indirect roles in regulating your immune system. They protect against infections and regulate the intensity of the immune response. HALO portion packs make it easy to maintain a daily immune boosting routine.

B vitamins play an important role in the health of active individuals by ensuring that energy can be produced for physical activity. Athletes who are deficient in the B vitamin department may have a reduced ability to perform at high intensity. The B vitamins keep the nervous system healthy, support the immune system and help you convert food into energy.

Surveys from the United States indicate that almost 70% of Americans have an insufficient intake of magnesium. Vegans and vegetarians are particularly deficient in vitamin B12. Only 22% in several age groups have sufficient calcium intake.

HALO on a daily basis is a way to ensure optimal balance.