Good for your Body - Good for the Planet.

We at Sportsfood are keen to take our share of the responsibility for sustainable development. We work hard and continuously to reduce the environmental and climate impact in connection with our business.

Recyclable packaging

At Sportsfood, we believe in doing good for the body and the planet. That is why we continuously work to change to plant-based packaging that is compostable and sustainably purchased.
Many of our products are already packed in plastic-free, plant-based packaging, which is a small step in our journey towards a better planet, and more are coming continuously.

• We aim for our packaging to be 100% recyclable or compostable
• We help turn waste into a valuable resource that can benefit our planet through organic recycling and composting.

Environmental lighthouse

In our previous work, we have been Eco Tower certified for many years. We are now working to ensure that Sportsfood can also be certified within a short time.


we work actively with our suppliers to ensure that they have the same attitude towards climate and environmental work and share our vision..

Good for the Body - Good for the Planet.