Powerbar – Evolving mindsets

Powerbar – Evolving mindsets

30 years ago we started with a vision to revolutionize sports nutrition. By paying close attention to what athletes needed to perform at their best, we created high-quality products that properly nourished muscles.

We are leaders of the market we helped create, because at PowerBar we know athletes. We know the excitement that comes from the playoffs and the kick you get when you overcome a challenge.

Together with our premium protein and endurance nutrition products, which help you persevere during all types of activity, our bars are the perfect snack when you need a boost before, during or after exercise. Regardless of whether you are a top athlete or an active everyday athlete..

Change is here..

The world around us is changing - and we too feel that it is time for a change. Taking a new step is often difficult, but we see this challenge as a chance to create something new, something better. For you, our community and our planet.

Powerbar's DNA remains the same:

Although we have evolved over the years and have great plans, one thing remains unchanged: our DNA. Questioning the status quo and recognizing to use potential where others shy away from limitation has always been and will always remain a part of Powerbar.

The world is changing…

However, the framework conditions are no longer the same. In Powerbar's history, we have experienced many different challenges. Hard, painful and long lasting. Not infrequently they left behind sweat, tears or even scars. However, the challenges have never been as great as they are now. Our world is in a worrying turmoil. Climate crisis, social injustices or lack of equal treatment, to name just a few of the many challenges with regard to the environment and society.

Time to redefine performance…

In the midst of all these challenges in modern times, we have witnessed how important creativity, unity, physical and mental strength are when it comes to reacting in an appropriate way and finding the right answers. The unique reactions of the people that we have been able to observe opens up a new dimension of performance that goes far beyond winning competitions. Powerbar will always remain a performance brand - but it is time to question the sports nutrition category and establish a new understanding of performance.

What is performance?

In recent decades, performance has primarily meant getting faster, stronger or more durable. In this context, we fought against physical and mental limits. This understanding is not wrong. However, it is not a comprehensive description of performance.

Conscious action and thinking - performance goes beyond winning competitions. Our performance is also defined by responsible action towards our fellow human beings and our environment.

Collaboration and community - performance is not just about your own ego. It is a question of "us". Our differences are precious and allow us to learn from each other, with the result that we become stronger and stronger together

Top-class athletes do not have a monopoly on performance. Performance is available to anyone who wants to achieve more.

Together we are thinking about a new future

All of us are confronted with changes in our lives. Changes that are not always easy. Nevertheless, they open up opportunities to create something new and grow out of ourselves.

We know that what we do today determines what our world will look like tomorrow. This is why we want to do everything to create a world that we can all be proud of.

Our planned development stages that bring us closer to our goal:

Sustainable packaging - Together with our partner RePaq, we have developed a plastic-free and compostable foil solution for our bars. The first step is the new packaging of our vegan organic products, such as our new "True Organic Oat" and "True Organic Protein" bars. The bars are vegan and produced exclusively without palm oil and collagen.

Palm oil and collagen free products - From now on, we do not use palm oil and collagen in the production of all our new products.

Garden compostable packaging - Our plastic-free cellulose packaging is 100% biodegradable. You can throw it on the compost without worries. In natural surroundings, it is 100% garden compostable and will disappear in approx. 90 days. If you do not have compost, you can of course also dispose of the packaging with normal rubbish. It does not contain microplastics and no toxic gases are produced when the waste is incinerated.